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The Alulift construction lift is a light cargo lift with a load capacity of up to 200 kg, which is designed for material transport on construction sites with a small or medium-sized range of work.

It is used by both small and large construction companies. It significantly saves time for transportation of building materials and increases safety on site.

The Alulift construction lift can be connected to a standard 230 V house network with 16A protection.

Alulift is very popular for its easy and quick assembly and also for a very affordable price. This aluminum elevator is supplied as a kit, so the individual components can be purchased or combined gradually.

The base of the lift is a ladder mast with a power unit at the bottom. The lift cage is raised and lowered using the carrying rope and pulley at the top of the lift.

Load capacity: 200 kg / 2860 lbs
Maximum lifting speed: 25 m/min / 82 fpm
Lifting height: Maximum 60 m up to cornice
Rope (diameter /length): 6,3 mm / 43 m, 63 m, 83 m, 125 m
Power supply system: 1 NPE 50 Hz 230V
Control voltage: 24V AC
Engine power: 1,5 kW