Mast Climbers

Mast climbers are very convenient in their functionality for performing repair and construction work at height. The direct purpose of the mast climbers is to finish and repair work on the facades of buildings and structures for both civil and industrial purposes.

Mast Climbers

Mast climbers Stros are both mast working platforms and lifting equipment, representing universal systems. Materials and workers can be raised to the required height with convenience and safety. The Stros mast climbers help to save money on objects. Productivity can be easily increased by 33% by using a mast climber. Two workers from the mast climber show the same result as four workers on ordinary scaffolding.

STROS mast climbers are an economical solution for many types of high-rise work: port work, facade repair, brick and tile laying, painting and plastering, window installation, balcony repair, and repair and maintenance of chimneys.

STROS mast climbing work platforms are an efficient mobile solution to vertical transportation of people and materials. The versatility of our mast climbers makes them the equipment of choice for a number of construction jobs. Thanks to the electrically driven chassis, it is easy to move the mast climber around the construction site.

Mast Climbers Solutions

Hoist WP 1000

WP 1000

Mast Climbing Work Platform

Max. height: 350 m
Max. weight: 1000 kg
Speed: 6 m/min
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Hoist WP 2000

WP 2000

Mast Climbing Work Platform

Max. height: 350 m
Max. weight: 2000 kg
Speed: 25 m/min
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Hoist WP 3000

WP 3000

Mast Climbing Work Platform

Max. height: 350 m
Max. weight: 3000 kg
Speed: 13 m/min
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Hoist TP MX 1024

TP MX 1024

Transport platform

Max. height: 200 m
Max. weight: 1000 kg
Speed: 24 m/min
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Technical Details

Characteristics Platform
with lifting capacity up to 1000 kg
with lifting capacity 2000 kg
with lifting capacity 3000kg
Transport platform
TP MX 1024
Max. height of anchored platform 100 m 150 m 150 m 200 m
Maximal load capacity 1000 kg 2000 kg 3000 kg 1000 kg
Average speed with load 6,3 m/min 8,5 m/min 8,5 m/min
Internal platform dimensions 1 400 x 1 700 mm
Maximum platform length (single mast A) 10,14 m / 33‘–3 ¼“ 11,2 m / 36‘–9“ 11,2 m / 36‘–9“
МMaximum platform length(two mast B) 29,33 m / 96‘–2 ¾“ 26,13 m / 85‘–8 ¾“
Average speed without load 25 m/min 13 m/min
Platform width + extension (C+D) 1,42 + 0,65 m 1,6 + 1,55 m 1,6 + 1 m, 5‘–3“+3‘–3 3 “
Engine power under load 100% 4‘–8“+2‘–1 ½“ 5‘–3“+3‘–1 3 “ 2×2,2kW / 2×3HP 3×2,2kW / 3×3HP
Max. height of freestanding platform 1×3kW / 1×4HP 8 m / 26‘ 22 m / 72‘ 22 m / 72‘
Voltage system 3 NPE ~ 50 Hz 400 V 3 NPE ~ 50 Hz 400 V 3 NPE ~ 50 Hz 400 V

Mast Climbers from the manufacture

Our company presents modern models of Stros mast climbers. We sell and deliver goods across Kenya. The company's specialists will assist you in choosing the right mast climber, taking into account the volume of work performed by the company and its financial capabilities.


Flexible working conditions Individual approach to each client.
Search for solutions in non-standard situations
Professional installation We make professional installation of mast lifts
Delivery from warehouse We deliver the equipment you purchased to the facility
Availability of spare parts Main consumables and spare parts are in stock
Large equipment park Large, constantly updated range of equipment
Honest prices We offer a price without intermediary markups

Certificates and Documentation

ISO 9001
Lifting Equipment

The dimensions and shape of the platform can quickly be adjusted to the project’s needs. Stability, safety, and reliability. The STROS mast climber can erect up to a height of 22 m (72 ft) without having to be tied to the building. Load capacities range up to 3,000 kg (6,600 lbs). Work lengths of up to 30 m (100 ft) can be achieved by connecting two platform units in a dual mast configuration.

Advantages of Stros mast climbers:

  • Production of works at any height with a single element of a construction object. All the necessary tools and materials are always at hand.

  • Optimization of working hours. All the necessary materials are loaded onto the platform, there is no need to constantly raise and lower for replenishment. This saves working time and increases productivity.

  • The mast climbers are equipped in such a way that it is convenient and comfortable for people to work, this increases the level of work efficiency.

Mast Climbers from the manufacture

Due to its quality, reliability, ease of transportation and ease of maintenance, the lifting equipment, which we sell, has proven itself excellently in operation.

Based on the different needs of our customers, depending on the timing and scale of construction projects, we offer several models of mast climbers from which you will definitely choose what you need, and our specialists will be happy to help you with this. All equipment has the necessary certificates of conformity valid in Kenya.


We will select a lift suitable for your project, tell the timing and cost of implementation Name