All equipment meets specification
We will deliver the equipment on time
We fulfill all obligations
12 months warranty
  1. The Seller hereby guarantees that on the date of transfer of the Property, the Property complies with the specifications to the Contract and is suitable for the purpose for which the property of this type is usually used.
  2. The warranty period for the Property, during which the Property must comply with the Warranty, is 12 (Twelve) months from the date of supervised installation of the Property (signing the Certificate of commissioning of the Goods), but not more than 18 (Eighteen) months from the date of delivery of the Property (signing of the Act of acceptance and transfer of property by the Parties).
  3. In case of discrepancies (including hidden manufacturing defects) or breakdowns of the Property, the Buyer notifies the Seller about it. The Seller and the Buyer draw up and sign the Act, which determines due to whose fault this discrepancy or breakdown occurred.
  4. The Seller is obliged, within 5 (Five) working days from the date of receipt of the Seller's notification, to send his specialists to the place of operation of the Property to draw up an act.

The warranty does not cover the following cases:

Defects caused by unskilled or careless actions of the Buyer or another third party in the event of installation, dismantling, repair and other activities of the Buyer or another third party. Defects of parts, other than manufacturing defects, subject to natural wear and tear resulting from the normal use of the Property. Defects resulting from the use of the Property other as intended, or contrary to the operating instructions, as well as in conditions of inappropriate temperatures. Defects caused by insufficient or lack of maintenance and control of the Property. Defects resulting from overvoltage in the power supply network, or the penetration of foreign substances. Damage caused by force majeure conditions. Products with damaged security marks, stickers, serial numbers, or with signs of improper repair.