Mast Climbers

No serious construction can be imagined now without modern high-tech mast climbers. The Stros company is a recognized leader in the production of reliable and productive lifting mechanisms for construction. And we are pleased to offer you the rental of mast climbers from a certified partner of this manufacturer.

Mast Climbers

Mast climbers manufactured by Stros have become the standard of quality and reliability for many consumers around the world. This equipment is made with care not only about the profitability of the funds invested in it and safety for all working personnel but also for the ecology of the environment around us, which builders of many countries could not fail to appreciate. We will add to this the convenience and speed of installation of mast climbers due to the use of only one mast for it.

Advantages of Stros mast climbers:

  • Mast climbers have mobility and are quickly mounted and dismantled.

  • Mast climbers can withstand high loads and have a large load capacity

Mast Climbers Solutions

Hoist WP 1000

WP 1000

Mast Climbing Work Platform

Max. height: 350 m
Max. weight: 1000 kg
Speed: 6 m/min
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Hoist WP 2000

WP 2000

Mast Climbing Work Platform

Max. height: 350 m
Max. weight: 2000 kg
Speed: 25 m/min
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Hoist WP 3000

WP 3000

Mast Climbing Work Platform

Max. height: 350 m
Max. weight: 3000 kg
Speed: 13 m/min
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Hoist TP MX 1024

TP MX 1024

Transport platform

Max. height: 200 m
Max. weight: 1000 kg
Speed: 24 m/min
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Technical Details

Characteristics Platform
with lifting capacity up to 1000 kg
with lifting capacity 2000 kg
with lifting capacity 3000kg
Transport platform
TP MX 1024
Max. height of anchored platform 100 m 150 m 150 m 200 m
Maximal load capacity 1000 kg 2000 kg 3000 kg 1000 kg
Average speed with load 6,3 m/min 8,5 m/min 8,5 m/min
Internal platform dimensions 1 400 x 1 700 mm
Maximum platform length (single mast A) 10,14 m / 33‘–3 ¼“ 11,2 m / 36‘–9“ 11,2 m / 36‘–9“
МMaximum platform length(two mast B) 29,33 m / 96‘–2 ¾“ 26,13 m / 85‘–8 ¾“
Average speed without load 25 m/min 13 m/min
Platform width + extension (C+D) 1,42 + 0,65 m 1,6 + 1,55 m 1,6 + 1 m, 5‘–3“+3‘–3 3 “
Engine power under load 100% 4‘–8“+2‘–1 ½“ 5‘–3“+3‘–1 3 “ 2×2,2kW / 2×3HP 3×2,2kW / 3×3HP
Max. height of freestanding platform 1×3kW / 1×4HP 8 m / 26‘ 22 m / 72‘ 22 m / 72‘
Voltage system 3 NPE ~ 50 Hz 400 V 3 NPE ~ 50 Hz 400 V 3 NPE ~ 50 Hz 400 V

Mast Climbers from the manufacture

Our company, in addition to selling equipment for various purposes, offers its customers modern and safe mast climbers for loaders in Nigeria. With its own weight of 120 kilograms, the presented platforms are capable of lifting loads weighing up to three hundred kilograms. 


Flexible working conditions Individual approach to each client.
Search for solutions in non-standard situations
Professional installation We make professional installation of mast lifts
Delivery from warehouse We deliver the equipment you purchased to the facility
Availability of spare parts Main consumables and spare parts are in stock
Large equipment park Large, constantly updated range of equipment
Honest prices We offer a price without intermediary markups

Certificates and Documentation

ISO 9001
Lifting Equipment

Mast Climbers from the manufacture

These characteristics are sufficient to lift two people with all the necessary tools. All mast climbers meet the most stringent security requirements and can be used without any significant restrictions.

For the manufacture of the mast climber, durable steel is used, and the frame forms a power cage, which is designed to withstand a possible fall. The capacity of the mast climber makes it easy to lift two people with a set of tools for carrying out various types of work.

One of the advantages of our company is that all the equipment can not only be bought, but also rented. The rental of mast climbers in our company is justified both from the point of view of its reasonable profitability and the confidence that the mast lifts being rented have passed all the necessary tests for their serviceability, the necessary prevention and fully meet the quality and safety standards.

And the main advantage of our company is that we are an official distributor, so all the equipment is original. In our company, each client is given a guarantee of the quality and safety of the equipment.

We will select a lift suitable for your project, tell the timing and cost of implementation Name