Mast Climbers

STROS -Sedlčanské strojírny is the leading manufacturer of powerful and long-term reliable mast climbers.  For more than 60 years company has been providing the highest European quality and functionality to customers around the world. They pay special attention to safety. STROS offers the most progressive solutions, using advanced technology and premium materials.  

Single mast climbers work platform are most frequently used in construction. They can be used for assembly, painting, cladding, and other kinds of works where high-level access is required. 

Mast Climbers

STROS regular Mast Climbers have the following characteristics:

  • maximum height - 350 m.

  • lifting capacity from 1 to 3 tones.

  • max. speed without a load -  25 m/min, with load -  12 m/min. 

  • coating protection.

  • 4-step safety systems.

  • working area protected by sideboards.

  • durable metal mast. 

  • extendable cabin.

Additionally, we can improve a classic model of Mast Climbers by adding some features:

  • power-driven rear axle.

  • steerable chassis for moving around a construction site.

  • self-supported or attached mast hoists. 

  • second mast for connection of two platforms. 

  • spacious working area up to 30 m in length.

  • multiple electric motors. 

  • roof for the cabin.

Mast Climbers Solutions

Hoist WP 1000

WP 1000

Mast Climbing Work Platform

Max. height: 350 m
Max. weight: 1000 kg
Speed: 6 m/min
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Hoist WP 2000

WP 2000

Mast Climbing Work Platform

Max. height: 350 m
Max. weight: 2000 kg
Speed: 25 m/min
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Hoist WP 3000

WP 3000

Mast Climbing Work Platform

Max. height: 350 m
Max. weight: 3000 kg
Speed: 13 m/min
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Hoist TP MX 1024

TP MX 1024

Transport platform

Max. height: 200 m
Max. weight: 1000 kg
Speed: 24 m/min
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Technical Details

Characteristics Platform
with lifting capacity up to 1000 kg
with lifting capacity 2000 kg
with lifting capacity 3000kg
Transport platform
TP MX 1024
Max. height of anchored platform 100 m 150 m 150 m 200 m
Maximal load capacity 1000 kg 2000 kg 3000 kg 1000 kg
Average speed with load 6,3 m/min 8,5 m/min 8,5 m/min
Internal platform dimensions 1 400 x 1 700 mm
Maximum platform length (single mast A) 10,14 m / 33‘–3 ¼“ 11,2 m / 36‘–9“ 11,2 m / 36‘–9“
МMaximum platform length(two mast B) 29,33 m / 96‘–2 ¾“ 26,13 m / 85‘–8 ¾“
Average speed without load 25 m/min 13 m/min
Platform width + extension (C+D) 1,42 + 0,65 m 1,6 + 1,55 m 1,6 + 1 m, 5‘–3“+3‘–3 3 “
Engine power under load 100% 4‘–8“+2‘–1 ½“ 5‘–3“+3‘–1 3 “ 2×2,2kW / 2×3HP 3×2,2kW / 3×3HP
Max. height of freestanding platform 1×3kW / 1×4HP 8 m / 26‘ 22 m / 72‘ 22 m / 72‘
Voltage system 3 NPE ~ 50 Hz 400 V 3 NPE ~ 50 Hz 400 V 3 NPE ~ 50 Hz 400 V

Mast Climbers from the manufacture

We are an official representative and service of lifting equipment STROS -Sedlčanské strojírny, which is the world's largest manufacturer of high-quality Mast Climbers. Our company offers the best facade access mast climbers for the contraction industry in Saudi Arabia. It could be used for maintenance work as well. 

STROS has the Certificate of approval of a quality assurance system (Directive No. 2006/42/EC) and the Certificate of Conformity to the System of Quality Management (ISO 9001). 

We can design, produce, and deliver Mast Climbers on request. It will be the same quality and has all approval documents, certificates, licenses, etc. A rental option is also available.  


Flexible working conditions Individual approach to each client.
Search for solutions in non-standard situations
Professional installation We make professional installation of mast lifts
Delivery from warehouse We deliver the equipment you purchased to the facility
Availability of spare parts Main consumables and spare parts are in stock
Large equipment park Large, constantly updated range of equipment
Honest prices We offer a price without intermediary markups

Certificates and Documentation

ISO 9001
Lifting Equipment

Mast Climbers from the manufacture

Working with us brings the following benefits:

  • equipment with European quality standards. 

  • factory directly supplying.

  • recommended factory price without additional fee for all goods.

  • fast delivery all around Saudi Arabia.

  • Installation services on the site.

  • Professional support, technical consulting, and customer service.

  • original spare part from the manufacturer.

  • training for your screw.

  • 12 months valid warranty.

  • instructions, user manual, safety guide, other documentation.

We will select a lift suitable for your project, tell the timing and cost of implementation Name