During the manufacture of each lift, several stages should be done. First, they make up a project, and only then approve the project for manufacturing and installation. The production time can vary from 4 to 12 weeks depending on the amount of work.
The products are delivered to their Czech Republic. Approximately delivery from the Czech Republic to the warehouse in Podolsk takes a week. But it will also take about a week to deliver the equipment to one of the regions in Russia. The exact delivery time depends on the location of the object to which the equipment needs to be delivered.
The price of the elevator is influenced simultaneously by several characteristics, including size, load capacity and the need to include additional functions in the device. All equipment is made only to order, therefore, taking into account all the above criteria, the price may vary. The company's specialists are always ready not only to choose the necessary equipment, but also to calculate the exact final cost taking into account all the characteristics in just one working day.
Yes, you can install the equipment yourself. The standard set of each equipment includes all installation drawings, electrical diagrams and technical documentation. The documents will help you install the equipment. Our specialists are always ready to answer all your questions. The consultation is absolutely free, and you can choose to call by phone or video.
Each elevator of the company is made to order individually. Since each order has its own technical characteristics and functions, it is simply impossible to specify one single price. The price will vary depending on the device data that the customer specified in the questionnaire.
We will select a lift suitable for your project, tell the timing and cost of implementation