Material Hoists

STROS -Sedlčanské strojírny established in 1960 in Czech, specializes in the production of rail-type lifts. Since the business was first started, the focus has always been on providing reliable and durable listing equipment for the construction industry. Today, STROS is worldwide known as a leader in the design and manufacturing of Material Hoists, providing high-quality products and services tailored to suit customers' requirements. 

STROS Material hoists are consistent with European quality standards, as proved by certain international certificates. Material hoists found wide use for skyscraper building, roof repairing, façade works, and utility network installation. They could vertically lift materials, equipment, and tools on the high levels

Material Hoists

Material Hoists

Hoist ALULIFT 200 S


Platform Hoist

Max. height: 19 m
Max. weight: 200 kg
Speed: 25 m/min
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Hoist ALULIFT 200 V


Platform Hoist

Max. height: 60 m
Max. weight: 200 kg
Speed: 25 m/min
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Hoist NV 2038 F4

NV 2038 F4

Material Hoist

Max. height: 350 m
Max. weight: 2000 kg
Speed: 20 m/min
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Characteristics ALULIFT 200 S ALULIFT 200 V NV 2038 F4
Delivery height max. 19 m to cornice max. 60 m 350 m
Load capacity 200 kg 200 kg 2000 kg
Lifting speed 25 m/min 25 m/min 40 m/min
Masts S
Internal dimensions of the lift 1390 x 3800 mm
Supply system 1 NPE 50 Hz 230V 1 NPE 50 Hz 230V
Drive motor power 1,5kW 1,5kW 2 x 9,2kW / 2 x 12HP
Informations operated from base station, only for material transport
Control voltage 24В AC 24В AC
Rated current [400V / 480V] 68A / 57A
Starting current [400V / 480V] 102A / 85,5A
Main protection [400V / 480V] 90A / 80A
Recommended fuse protection [400V / 480V] 100A / 100A


Cargo elevators are designed only for the transportation of equipment, building materials and structural elements. People cannot be transported!
Yes. Regular maintenance helps to reduce the risk of equipment failure. In addition, the warranty for the equipment states that maintenance is part of the operational process. The manufacturer recommends that the equipment be serviced at least once a month. Maintenance can only be carried out by an organization that has a certificate for such activities.
Russia, Moscow
Olympic Tower, Project
Scope of work: installation, commissioning of the lift NOV 2032 UP II F7, maintenance

Lifting height:
125 meters
Goods Only Hoist from manufacture

As an authorized representative in Saudi Arabia, our company sells a wide range of high-ended equipment manufactured by STROS -Sedlčanské strojírny. But we are entrusted with more than a mere sale of Material Hoists. We are committed to providing a full package of services for customers in the region. 

We are looking forward to cooperating with you soon. We guarantee to provide you the best quality products at the most favorable prices. Depending on your needs, you can order a customized hoist. Individual orders are completed in a fast and reliable way.


Flexible working conditions Individual approach to each client.
Search for solutions in non-standard situations
Professional installation We make professional installation of mast lifts
Delivery from warehouse We deliver the equipment you purchased to the facility
Availability of spare parts Main consumables and spare parts are in stock
Large equipment park Large, constantly updated range of equipment
Honest prices We offer a price without intermediary markups

Certificates and Documentation

ISO 9001
Lifting Equipment

Material Hoists

We have two types of Material hoists available: 

  • heavy-duty lifts with max. capacity 2 tones.

  • light duty lifts with max. load capacity 200 kg. It plugs into a standard socket of 230V. 

STROS Material hoists have clear advantages over other lifting systems:

  • can be easily and quickly placed on many sites.

  • solid, aluminum construction.

  • perfectly designed safety systems.

  • range of heights from 19 to 350 m.

  • lifting speed up to 40 m/min.

Material Hoists from manufacture

Along with supplying goods straight from the manufacturer, STROS - hoist arranges delivery all over Saudi Arabia. 

We offer our clients excellent customer service:

  • expert installation and start-up support. 

  • Pre-sale and after-sale services.  

  • supervision and staff training.

  • Technical support during operation. 

By buying from us you will get the official quality guarantee and 1-year warranty from the manufacturer. 

If you have a small project or need many different hoists for work, instead of buying new equipment, you can rent Material Hoist from us. It will have the same high quality, legal protection, and safety assurances. You will get comprehensive training for staff and technical support as well. 

We will select a lift suitable for your project, tell the timing and cost of implementation